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Services Packages

Premium Service


Chafing dishes for the hot foods 

Linen tablecloths for priority tables 

Linen Skirting for priority tables (Head Table, Gift Table, Food Table, Cake Table and Receiving Table)

 Linen Tablecloths for all guest tables 

Linen napkins for all guests (your choice of color)

 Glass salt & pepper shakers 

Cream & Sugar at the guest tables 

China dinner plates at buffet line

 Glass Salad plates at buffet line 

Stainless flatware at each place setting 

Glass water goblets 

Uniformed servers to take coffee to guests and clear tables after food service

Full Service


Chafing dishes for the hot foods

 Floor length tablecloths for priority tables (Head Table, Food Table, and Cake Table) Salt & Pepper shakers 

Plastic three compartment plate

 Plastic Silverware

 Paper Napkins

 Uniformed servers to take coffee to guests and clear tables after food service

Basic Service


Hosted Buffet and Carver 

Chafing dishes for the hot foods

 Floor length tablecloths for priority tables

 Priority tables included: Head table, Food table, and Cake table 

Disposable three compartment plates

 Plastic silverware

 Paper napkins 

Salt & pepper shakers

Menu Choices

* $ 1.00 per person ** $ 2.00 per person *** $2.50 per person


 Cheesecake $2.00 Assorted Creme Pie $2.00
Assorted Fruit Pies $1.50
Blondies $1.50 Fruit Cobbler $1.25
Brownies $1.00
Sheet Cake (Choice of 2) $1.00
Chocolate, Yellow, German Chocolate, Pineapple Upside Down
Cookies (Choice of 2) $1.00  
Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Sugar

Hors d'oeuvres

    Italian Sausage Medallions
Italian sausage with peppers & onions in a red sauce
100 Pieces $100.00
Your choice of BBQ, Sweet & Sour, Italian, or Swedish
100 Pieces $100.00
Buffalo Style Hot Wings
Perfect for a Spiced up Hors d'oeuvres display
100 pieces $125.00
 BBQ Ribettes
Tender Ribs with a Zesty Sauce
100 pieces $150.00
Beef or Chicken Kebabs
Skewers of Beef or Chicken, Peppers & Onion
100 pieces $130.00
Chicken Liver & Water Chestnut wrapped in Bacon
100 pieces $100.00
Assorted Mini Quiche
Delicious Assortment of Bite-sized Quiche
100 pieces $100.00
Egg Rolls
Great for any Hors d'oeuvres Table
100 pieces $90.00
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Served with Tortilla Chips
50 people $65.00
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Served with Tortilla Chips or Pita Chips
50 portions $65.00
Feisty Feta Dip
Served with pita chips
50 portions $75.00
Zesty Chicken Fingers
Fried Chicken Finger with a Spicy Breading
100 pieces $150.00 

Jumbo Shrimp wrapped with bacon and grilled
100 pieces $150.00
BBQ Cocktail Franks
Cocktail Franks in BBQ sauce
100 pieces $85.00
Meat Tray
Cubed Ham, Turkey, and Hickory Stick
100 people $100.00
Cheese & Cracker Tray
Assorted cheeses and crackers
100 people $95.00
Vegetable Tray
Garden Fresh Vegetables with Ranch Dip
100 people $75.00
Deviled Eggs
Traditional Hors d'oeuvres fare
100 pieces $80.00
Mini Croissant Sandwiches
Assorted Beef, Turkey & Ham
100 pieces $125.00
Stuffed Tomatoes
Fresh Cherry Tomatoes stuffed with Tuna Salad
100 pieces $85.00
Fresh Fruit Display
Assorted Melon and seasonal Fruit Display
100 people $100.00
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
Served w/Cocktail sauce & lemon wedges over ice
100 pieces $135.00
Carved Specialties
Top Round of Beef (serves 75) $150.00
Baked Ham (serves 75) $125.00
Roasted Turkey Breast (serves 75) $125.00
All Carved Specialties Include:
Assorted Rolls and appropriate condiments 

Bar Services

Deluxe Selection 12.50 per person

Whiskey Vodka  Gin  Peach Schnapps Rum Wines 

Candian Club Absolut Tanqueray  DeKuyper Castillo White Zinfandel 

Keg Beer Options (Choose Two)  Budweiser Bud Light  Coors Light  Miller Lite 

Extra Bar Time 1.50 per person per half hour, based on final guest 

Basic Selection 10.50 per person

Whiskey Vodka  Gin  Peach Schnapps Rum Black Velvet Crown Russe  Gilbey’s  DeKuyper Castillo Keg Beer Options (Choose Two)  Budweiser Bud Light  Coors Light  Miller Lite Extra Bar Time 1.25 per person per half hour, based on final guest  

Asti Spumante for Bridal Table Toast  

Mixes:  Coke ~ Diet Coke ~ Sprite ~ Tonic Water  

Juices: Orange Juice ~ Tomato Juice ~ Cranberry  Juice Condiments:  Lemons ~ Limes ~ Cherries ~ Olives  Paper Products:  12 oz  Cups  ~ 16 oz Cups ~ Stir Sticks ~ Napkins  Uniformed Bartender All Mixed Drinks Made to Order  ~ Nothing is Pre-Mixed All Adult Function Bar is Open for 3.5 (Three and One Half )Hours  Wedding Reception Bar in Open for 5  (Five) Continuous Hours  Prices is subject to 6% Sales Tax and 16% Service Charge



Salad Plates on Buffet $1.00
  Water Glasses $1.00
  Coffee Cups & Saucers $1.00
  Wine Glasses $1.00
  Disposable Champagne Glasses $1.00
  Stainless Silverware $1.00
  Silverware at Place settings $.50
  Ice Vases Beginning at $175.00
  Linen Tablecloths $1.00 per person
  Folded Linen Napkins $0.75
  Linen Tablecloth and Skirting for additional Priority Tables $25.00 each Table 


Cut & serve Wedding Cake

Disposable Plate& Fork

Guest up 250 $50.00 250 or more guests $75.00

Glass Plate & Stainless Fork

Guest up 250 $125.00 250 or more guests $175.00

Plates & Forks Only

Disposable $25.00 Glass/Stainless $100.00

Fruit Punch/Lemonade for entire Evening $1.00 per person

This being your only Beverage $2.50 per person

Champagne Toast

Champagne & Disposable Glass $2.50

Price List

Additional Price Per Person *$1.00 per person **$2.00 per person ***$2.50 per person



Ten Percent (10%) Deposit Is Required To Book A Date
 This Guarantees The Date And The Menu Prices At The Time Of Booking
Fifty Percent (50%) Deposit Is Due Four Weeks Before The Banquet
The Balance Of The Bill Is Payable In Full The week Before The Event

Refund Policy On Cancellations
Cancellations with Six or More Months Advance Notice   100% Refund
Cancellations with Three To Six Months Advance Notice   50% Refund
Cancellations with Less Than Three Month Notice                 0% Refund 



Menu Choices (pdf)


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Price List (pdf)


Hors d'oeuvres (pdf)


Optional Services (pdf)


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Funeral Menu (pdf)


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